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FD 3200 Air Suction Folder

The FD 3200 Air-Suction Document Folder offers high performance folding in a compact tabletop unit, ideal for digitally printed documents on heavy and coated stock. The air-suction feed technology reduces static electricity and minimizes feed marks common in traditional friction feed systems. The FD 3200 utilizes internal fans to produce air and suction for quiet operation in a smaller footprint.

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  • Key Features
    • Variable speed 27,500/hr
    • Unlimited job memory
    • Full-color touchscreen control panel
    • Belt-driven outfeed stacker
    • Durable composite fold rollers
    • Compact rugged design
    • Perf/Score attachment included
  • Specifications
    • Speed: Up to 15,600 sheets/hour
    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 625 sheets
    • Paper Size: 7.17” - 18” L x 4.73” - 12.24” W
    • Paper Weight: Up to 230gsm
    • Pre-Set Folds: C, Z, Half, Fold Out, Gate, and Double Parallel
    • Custom Folds: Stores up to 20 custom folds into memoryl
    • Programmable jobs: Unlimited
    • Dimensions: 23” W x 47” L x 21.3” H
    • Weight: 144 lbs
    • Option: Side Air Kit for large paper sizes

FD 3200 Air Suction Folder

With a speed of up to 15,600 sheets per hour, and a feed tray capacity of up to 625 sheets, the FD 3200 quickly powers through a range of applications, all at the touch of a button, while Optical Double Feed Detection ensures document integrity. To accommodate a variety of paper weights and sizes, fan speed and air flow can be adjusted independently using the interactive control panel and external adjustment knobs.

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