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Martin Yale Trimmers

Martin Yale paper trimmers are known for rugged durability. They will stand the test of time under even heavy use. In fact, many are still in use in schools today, after decades.

BT100 Banner Trimmer

Safely and efficiently trim custom or standard sized banners from 4" to 43" wide.

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  • BT100

GreenBoard™ Paper Trimmers

GreenBoard™ paper trimmers are found in nearly every school across America because of their legacy of quality craftsmanship and durability dating back to their origin in 1940.

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  • W12 to W36

PolyBoard™ Paper Trimmers

Polyboard™ Trimmers are perfect for schools, offices, quick print shops and mailrooms.

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  • P212X,P215X,P218X

SharpCut­™ Medium Duty Paper Trimmers

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  • T12, T15

StakCut™ Heavy Duty Trimmers

Base thickness prevents board-flexing, producing quality allowing for straight cuts.

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  • 715, 724

620RC Manual Cutter

The 620RC is an easy to use, precise cutter that is great for print shops, schools and large mail rooms.

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  • 620RC

7000E Heavy Duty Tabletop Cutter

Great for schools, print shops and office mailrooms.

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  • 7000E