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Pitney Bowes

  • DF800

OfficeRight™ Folder DF800

There are many effective ways to use the mail to communicate to your customers. Studies show that companies that stay in touch are much more likely to have higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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  • Key Features
    • Generate sales leads and store/website traffic
    • Communicate special offers news information
    • Raise new service and product awareness
    • Build customer loyalty
    • Enhance brand recognition
  • Specifications
    • 325 sheet feeder
    • 7 different folds
    • 5 speeds (adjustable while running)
    • Modern backlit LCD control panel
    • Stores up to 20 jobs

OfficeRight™ Folder DF800

With the ability to load paper on the fly, the DF800 can fold up to 13,000 pieces per hour and helps you prepare your mail effortlessly to get the job done