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DA50s AddressRight® Addressing System

Every mailer's goal is to produce successful mailings at the lowest possible cost per piece. The DA50s AddressRight® envelope printer can print up to 10,000 mail pieces per hour, optimizing performance and saving costs along the way.

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  • Key Features
    • Addresses up to 4400 #10 envelopes per-hour
    • Handles multiple media sizes
    • Prints in three print qualities
    • Envelope Design tool allows user to create design and view envelope on screen
    • Small footprint allows solution to fit in any office or mailroom environment
  • Specifications
    • Speed: 10,000 per-hour (3 line address, no barcodes)
    • Print Resolution: Black (horizontal x vertical DPI) Regular Mode:600x600, 300x600, 150x600
    • Media Thickness: Up to 1/8"
    • Media Sizes: 3.5" x 5" to 12.75" x 13.5"
    • Feeder Capability: Up to 300 # 10 envelopes

DA50s AddressRight® Addressing System

Whether you use mail to generate new sales, renew donors, retain customers or conduct special promotions, every piece of mail counts.